TGG Welcomes The Pied Piper in the Friendly City

Once again we have another South African mixologist joining us. Pied Piper has one of the most exciting tobacco juice ranges around and is highly regarded amongst tobacco juice vapers. Included in the range are the following:

Red Wood -  A robust, sweet maple tobacco with a woody nuance and a pinch of ash. Easily an all day vape for tobacco fans. 

Arabian Nights - An amazing blend of sweet, slightly nutty, aromatic tobaccos with a light Arabic touch.

Caramel Cigar - A perfectly balanced combination of caramel and earthy naturally extracted cigar tobacco. A slightly sweetened, authentic cigar taste. A must for the discerning cigar fanatic.

Although the main profile in the range is tobacco, there is also an exciting fruit available (and especially for me since I am a citrus fan):

Spicy Iced Orange - A glacier orange with a touch of clove and a dash of ice. An all-round winning flavor.

Here are some of the comments made about the Pied Piper juices:

"Perfectly balanced....", "Nothing overwhelming, nothing underwhelming. All the hallmarks of an ADV", "...this has become a universal favorite in the mark place.", "Bl@@dy amazing", "Flippen great!!!", "A really unique tobacco...", "This is a beast tobacco!"

Really excited to expand our range

Vape on!