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The Bargain Bin holds just that - bargains. From time to time some of our regular Items will find their way in here. For no specific reason other than just because. Maybe you find a juice in here that you haven't tried yet OR one that you like, but now you can pick it up at a significant discount OR your budget is taking strain and you need a break OR whatever other reason - it doesn't matter. Please don't empty the bin all in one go - pick one and leave some for others as well. Stocks for this purpose is limited - so you might find the bin empty sometimes - if you do, check back another day.

This is what is in the bin at the moment: 

Ying-Tao - An authentic cherry slush that will remind you of the one you find at the movies. Normal price R230

Night Cap - A millennial pink-hued gin spritz infused with the natural sweetness of mixed berries...on ice!  Normal price R200

Caramel Cigar - A perfectly balanced combination of caramel and earthy naturally extracted cigar tobacco. A slightly sweetened, authentic cigar taste. Normal price R220.

Game Over – a butterscotch creme brûlée  Normal price R200

Scotchies - Butterscotch Ice Cream Sandwich  Normal price R210

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