Single CC Quad-Core Aliens MTL

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Quad-Core Aliens MTL  - Professional Crafted Coils Quad Core Alien specifically for MTL setups. Recommended power 16-23 watt

Made with 100% Sandvick Ni80 wire

Inner diameter: 3mm
Wraps: 4 wraps
Wire: 34g x 4 wrapped with 38g
Ohms: 0.81 - 0.83

The legs are left loose without kinks in them so that you may easily add or remove a wrap if need be.

Andre from Koringberg has this to say:
"Those (MTL) Aliens are GREAT. First exotic coils that beat my normal round wire for flavor. As my new order testifies"

Jurgens from Berario has this to say:
"The MTL coils from Crafted Coils will make any MTL atty perform like a champ"